What we have in our library?

Edu Videos

There are visual students who better understand and retain information when ideas, words and concepts are associated with images and videos. These students learn best through what they see, and videos – as you rightly guessed – are an ideal recipe for visual learning. 

Below is sample of our Edu Video.

Edu Digital Books

Digital Books ensure that students are proactively interacting with the learning material by way of videos, animations, augmented reality, changing displays, taking notes etc. Digital books provide students with a completely enriched learning experience and help them improve their academic performance.

Click HERE to for tutorial on how to use our Digital Books.

You can download our sample Digital Books below.

Edu Games

By playing games, students become more motivated to learn, pay attention and participate in set tasks. Games help students to become a part of a team as well as take responsibility for their own learning. They can also be a great classroom management tool, helping to motivate a class.

You can play our sample Edu Games below.

Edu Audio

Auditory learning style enables auditory students to learn best by hearing or through verbal communication. Auditory students are good at remembering what they hear as they learn information through auditory representation.

Below is the example of our Edu Audio.

Surah Al-Fatihah


Surah Adh-Dhuha


Edu Play (Extended Reality)

Due to its immersive nature, extended reality based training tools can engage and provide students a first-hand experience, with the potential to increase learning effectiveness.

You can play sample of Edu Play below.
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