Rizq Virtual School

Rizq Virtual School (RVS) focused on Primary Education by introducing EDUTAINMENT NETWORK concept.

Dynamic Module and Responsive Interactive is our aim. We embed the technology into the learning environment to produce better quality and understanding.

How RVS Works?

Here in RVS, we have a unique Home School Based approach, where “classes” take place in a non-conformist classroom to foster an open, engaging learning experience, complete with world-class sophisticated learning tools. The daily lessons not only happen in class, children will use and maximize the facilities in RVS.

Student’s Learning
Teacher’s Insight
Parents’ Assistant

Engage and assist families in centralised collaboration in students learning

Connect families to see student work and celebrate progress.

What’s In Our Library?

Our library, is an efficient e-learning hub. In which it is convenient and flexible to be used at anytime and anywhere. Our library contained 5 different awesome content ranging from videos, digital books, audio, games and virtual/augmented reality. Which you and your child will love.

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Frequently Asked Question

With RVS, you can take your education beyond classroom walls.

We offer:

  • Dedicated, certified teachers
  • A variety of flexible and full-time options, offering choices in course schedule and pace
  • One-on-one instruction and a focus on student success
  • Pre and Primary School subjects offered through more than 50 courses, including UPKK and KPSR-approved core courses
  • Engaging and interactive content that encourages mastery before moving forward
  • Ways for students to get ahead, stay on target, or get back on track
  • 24/7 access from anywhere in the world

Our students are as diverse as the courses they take. They’re:

  • Advanced learners looking for a challenge
  • Pre and Primary RizQ Islamic School students
  • Homeschool students
  • Children in military or overseas families
  • Students trying to catch up
  • Homebound youth
  • Individuals seeking supportive, student-driven learning

RVS students learn by choosing a path that works best for them. Our teachers and coursework are just as real as the grades and tailored learning they provide, with regular online lessons and teacher calls providing time to check in and ask questions. Whether students follow a traditional school year schedule or a more flexible pace, guidance is always available.We believe freedom and flexibility empower our students to succeed. Given the many choices we offer, we’re here to help students and parents explore our options and create a personalized educational plan that fits your unique needs.

RVS is a Premium Private Islamic School choice providing Pre and Primary curriculum to anyone. All of our courses are fully online.RVS, the district and its schools are accredited by Ministry Of Education Malaysia (MOE). Our courses meet the National Standard needs, and Islamic Department of Malaysia.

RVS pairs digital learning with individualized attention. Our students can reach their teachers directly via phone, text, email, and more. Teachers lead exams online and discussion-based assessments over the phone. Also, teachers and parents partner to help students succeed as they participate in live lessons and engaging activities.Aside from direct access to RVS teachers, we offer our students opportunities to connect with one another.RVS students can enjoy more than 30 student clubs that meet both online and face to face.

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