Frequently Asked Questions

Rizq Islamic School(RIS) is registered with Ministry of Education Malaysia. Therefore, RIS follows the acclaimed National KSSR integrated with Islamic knowledge and Quran memorisation syllabus and KSPK for kindergarten. For Tahfiz module we emphasize on recognizing the Arabic letters (“hijaiyah” letter), Tajweed and later on followed by memorizing. We believe that quality in reading will affect the quality in memorizing.

RVS implements Finland teaching method – a playbased learning system
Japan methodology – School management method; the Japanese Values.

KSSR (Standard Based Curriculum for Primary School)

KSPK (National Pre-School Curriculum)

RVS Primary and Pre school operation hour:
– 8.00 PM to 1.00 PM

There will be UPKK exam for Primary 5.


Medium of communication will be English and we encourage the student to speak in English with everyone in the school.